Leon P. Martuch Chapter
Trout Unlimited
Fly Fishing Books
The estates of George Lane & Mike Caparon donated fly fishing books to the Chapter.  Many of these are 1st edition and/or signed.  This is a great opportunity to get some major books on fly fishing and help fund stream research. See the books still available.

Free shipping in US as marked, and on any combined order over $15.
Native Trout of North America by Smith
Softcover,  1984. Book in very good condition.   $7.95 +$2.50 S&H
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Trout Biology by Willers

Hardcover, 1st Ed, 1981. Book and cover very good.   $13.50 Free shipping
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Dry-Fly Fishing
by Halford

Hardcover, 1st Ed, 1973. Book is in very good, cover is acceptable. $16.50 Free shipping
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Fly Fishing by Viscount Grey of Falloden

Softcover, 1984.  This was first published in 1899, and is a fly fishing classic.  The book is in very good condition. $6.95 + $2.50 S&H
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The Trout and the Fly
by Clarke & Goddard

These two well-known English fly fishermen have written this excellent study on how the trout sees the fly and the angler should do in their presentation. Softcover 1980. $8.50 + $2.50 S&H.
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The River Home by Dennis

Softcover, 1998, 1st Ed.  A great collection of stories by a Michigan author.  The book is in very good condition. $3.95 plus $2.50 S&H
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The Curtis Creek Manifesto by Sheridan Anderson

Softcover, 1st Ed. 1978

Finest beginner fly-fishing guide due to its simple, straight-forward approach. It is laced with outstanding humor provided in its hundreds of illustrations. All the practical information you need to know is presented in an extremely delightful way such as rod, reel, fly line and fly selection, casting, reading water, insect knowledge to determine which fly pattern to use, striking and playing fish, leaders and knot tying, fly tying, rod repairs, and many helpful tips. A great, easy-to-understand book.

The book is in like new condition, with no signs of wear on corners, pages or binding.  $11.95 Free Shipping
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Fly Fishing through the Midlife Crisis
by Howell Raines

Softcover. , 1993, 1st Ed. The book is in good - very good condition. $2.95 plus $2.50 S&H
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